lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2018

My first G1 ponies!

Hello everybody! In this entry I want to tell you all something that I'm really happy about! Yesterday I bought my first G1 ponies, really, I'm super happy, I've always wanted at least one of these and I always thought I was going to be unable to have one, and especially to find one in my country, but I did! I saw someone selling them on a Facebook group and bought them right away, I was super excited when I saw them!

Well, now Im going to show you these new friends for my ponies!
I had no idea of some of the name of some ponies, thanks to Strawberryreef I could get them right away!

This is Starshine, she is a really pretty pony and is the one I was more excited about, I love her rainbow mane! Her cutie mark is a little worn out on both sides, but anyways she looks stunning, I was able to fix her hair and i gave her tail a really nice fuchsia bow.
Next we have Yum Yum, she Is a pretty pony and has a different body shape than the other chubbier ponies, she seems like she was a flutter pony but lost her wings. I wasn't able to save her hair because I didn't have enough conditioner, but there she is! I plan on fixing her hair better later.
This one is baby Luck Leaf, her horn is a little...uh....I don't know but its tip is sorta broken, anyways, her hair was pretty terrible when I got it, but I was able to fix it with no problem, the worst problem about this pony is that like some of these is full of marker stains, Im thinking of removing these with acetone because this has worked for me before with other used ponies. Overall I think this pony is adorable!
My next baby is Dots and Hearts!, I didn't see this one in the original post where i bought It, but when I saw It I loved her!, Her colors are adorable and overall she Is, the bad thing is that this one is really, really full of stains.
This pony here is Ringlets, Honestly I don't like her very much, especially her hair color combination, but I must say that her hair length and quality after being fixed was the most pretty of all 6 ponies I got. She is not the worst I could get but I still don't really like her.

Last but not least, a so-soft pony!, this is Posey, this one would be my favorite out of all of them but...her hair came all cutted out, so it makes her look sorta bad, I plan on rerooting her hair but I don't really know how, I've been watching tutorials and stuff to try it when i find a dupe for her hair color, I also gave her tiny tail a bow so it looks prettier.

That's all, thanks for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day!

lunes, 25 de junio de 2018

My Little Pony G2 pony pictures

Hello! Today I want to show you these pictures that are straight out taken from Friendship Gardens, I never could find any G2 related pony pictures so I took them myself, please enjoy them and use them if you wish! :)

martes, 10 de abril de 2018

My (Updated!) MLP Brushables collection!

Hello everybody!

Some months ago, along with my story with My Little Pony, I shared to you all some pictures of my collection in 2014. Today I took some pictures so you can see how is it going now!

  So as you can see, 90% of my collection is of G4 Ponies.
So these are the regular sized brushables. The first regular sized brushable that I had was Applejack for my 8th birthday, She came with the Sweet Apple Barn playset.
My second regular sized brushables were Sweetie Belle and  Applebloom, they both came In a playset.
If you may be asking why poor Octavia is lonely in a picture, is because I forgot I had her when I was taking the pictures! I found her later, and I had to take a picture of her too.

 These are my 20 cm brushables, My favorite of these all is Applejack.
I think Fluttershy would look super adorable In these size with her old-mold eyes...

 These are my fashion style ponies! The first one I had from these was Princess Celestia, then Luna.
My favorite out of all of these is Pinkie Pie.
I really like the first wave of Fashion Style ponies, I'll look foward to get more of the 2010 ones, The size of these are perfect.
 Here are all my McDonald's figures! /And a blind-bag Twilight) I used to have G3 and G3.5 McDonald's figures, but not anymore D: My first McDonald's (And also my veeery first G4 pony) was a lighting-up Pinkie pie.
 These are my talking ponies, Princess Celestia and Princess Cadence, I recieved Cadance as a gif back in 2013 and i bought Celestia second-hand this year. Actually, I always wanted to have the pink talking Princess Celestia! Sadly, she came without her accessories as you see in the pic.
And last but not least, my G3.5 Ponies! although the little cinema is a G3 playset....
My first one of these was Scootalo, and my second one Pinkie Pie.
I must say that my favorite out of all of these is Sweetie Belle, not just because she is cute, but she birngs me back a really nice memory.
When I was 8, I remember I was coming back from school and accidentally tripped over one of my dogs. My face got horrible, I had a terrible scar in one side of my face for like 1 month! It looked like I burned my face.
The first day It hurted really bad, and I remember my father gave me that pony so I could felt a little better.

That's all, thanks for reading!

martes, 27 de marzo de 2018

Some little stuff about G5

Hi everyone!
Some months ago, surfing the web I've found some concept art that seem to be like the possible designs for G5!
They seem to still be going for a FIM kinda style but it's still different. I personally like the designs that are shown on the first image, but I don't like the changes between Twilight and Fluttershy, personally, I'd prefer Fluttershy as an earth pony and Twilight as an unicorn. But as they are going to rewrite all the MLP story again, I guess this changes are actually going to make sense.

According to this image and the one i shown before, i think they're going for a mix between row 2 an 3, when I frist saw this image I thought this was a collab between various artists to recreate the ponies, what a surprise! My favorite is row 5 actually, the style choseen is adorable, Twilight looks so cute!
Im really excited to see how the toys would go, I believe they are going to be kinda g2 lookings, and maybe they'll have to be a little larger than their G4 counterparts. 
By the way, I would have prefered for the show to have a new cast of ponies, but I guess they sticked to the ol' G4 cast because if not, that could have been too risky.
What do you think about the possible G5 designs, the artstyle, the changes, etc? What do you expect for the toys to look like? Comment please!
Thanks for reading!

sábado, 20 de enero de 2018

My story with My Little Pony!

Hi all! On this entry I want to talk about me, and My Little Pony, of course! And how did I fell in love with this franchise

I started being interested in MLP in 2008, (Woah, 10 years now, kinda crazy to say) I was 5 at the time, my grandmother gave to me a pony for christmas, and i instantlly fell in love with it (If you may be asking which pony, It was a fakie I think, but I didn't know and either didn't care).
Sometimes when i was coming from school when I was like 6, my mum had gifts for me, those gifts were....ponies! I absolutely loved them.
I was not aware of My Little Pony as a thing itself, but well...I was a computer kid sooo as I looked a lot for LPS (I loved those little pets so much oh god) I started to look info about ponies too. So in 2010 I started to look to My Little Pony, The Hasbro franchise itself. At that time it was still G3.5, I fell in love with the ponies. But didn't know too much about the media and everything. So well, I remember one day I was coming home from school and I wanted to play some My Little Pony games at the site...and then...I saw they changed it! For new Ponies!

                                                    G4                                        G3.5

Okay, at first..I didn't like this change, like, at all. But I started playing the G4 Games, reading the ponies info (I still remember the personality test!) And of course watching the series, and I couldn't help it, i fell so hardly in love with these ponies! The very first G4 pony I've ever had was a McDonalds Pinkie Pie, my 8th birthday gift was Applejack's Sweet Apple Barn, And onwards my collection started.
I really loved this series, I felt especially identified with Fluttershy, I seriously loved everythig about it as a kid, it even helped me a lot to develop my art style. I used to draw a really similar style to MLP:FIM until I was like 12.
This is my first MLP drawing! I was 8 years old when I did it.

From 8 onwards, I started collecting all about MLP, I have around 50 ponies to date (In my country they were quite expensive, that's why I have a medium number of ponies) I have mostly G4 ponies, and some G3.5 ones. I have some other stuff, like coloring books that are untouched because I didn't like to color them and make them look bad, and some puzzle books. Oh, and plushies!
These were my ponies as for 2013? or 2014 I think. This picture isn't updated at all, but it's the only one I had! Now I have some other ponies (I'll take a picture and update it) It didn't grow too much, if im honest.

Currently, I would love to have a bigger collection, but with all gens, I especially love how G1 and G2 ponies look, and i'll love to have at least one of each, My 3d favorite are G4 ponies, but I only like 2010-2012 Ponies, because this ones where the most detailed (Compare a 2010 G4 ponies eye to a 2014-2015 Pony and you'll see). Also, their hair was a muuuch better quality.
Well, this is all for now! The last pony I got was last year, It was a Pinkie Pie, I bought her only because I  wanted to see how the new mold for G4 Ponies turned out...didn't like it...but well.

That's all, thanks for reading!

My Little Pony: Friendship Gardens

Hi everyone! So in this entry, i'm going to talk a little bit about this game!
Friendship Gardens is a game that was launched in 1992. In this game you can create your very own pony! You have to take care of it, and there are also some minigames that introduce the characters from G2.
In game, the ponies that you can find are: Lightheart, Ivy, Sundance, Sweet Berry and Morning Glory. Each one of them has a mini-game
You can dress-up Ivy and do her hair, you can play tic-tac-toe with Lightheart, bake a cake with Sweet Berry, Dance with...well...Sundance! and go to school with Morning Glory
Sadly, this game was a big failure.
My original intention was to record a video playing this game, but the audio wouldn't come as expected so I couldn't record it well :/, but i'll be featuring other videos/media/footage about this game.

Here is the most complete gameplay I could find, from Captain British.

Well, being honest it's not thaat fun, but I love the aestethic of the game. I also find it very calming and chilling, this could be quite really fun for a little girl, buuut not for me.

In the video below, you'll see ALL the sprites used in game, I found this one quite interesting if you ask me. They are plenty of sprites that I haven't seen while playing,

The cd of the game

Back cover of the game

viernes, 19 de enero de 2018

A little bit about My Little Pony first

On this first entry, I'm going to make a small resume about MLP'S history

My Little Pony is a toy franchise that was originally created by Bonnie Zacherle.

At first (1981) this franchise was known by the name of My Pretty Pony. The first toy, produced in the same year, was a talking, moving pony. 

                        Original 1981 toy

This same toy was later re-released in a different color variation, this pony later was released as a regular G1 toy (1983) named Peachy  

In 1983, regular-sized toys started to be produced, the first classic line was composed of 6 ponies
This gen, along with toys has also been featured in several other media such as different series and many movies

My Little Pony G1 stops being produced around 1997, where G2 starts being sold, this generation is remarked by the videogame Friendship Gardens.(Something curious that I noticed, is that in this gen they're all earth ponies!)

This generation lasted until 2003, when G3 started. 

This gen was pretty popular, same as G1, they were featured in series, short fimls and movies, they also had live musical shows such as The world biggest Tea Party.

This gen technically lasted until 2010, when they had a reboot with the same main characters as the short films (Called core 7) but in a more chibi-ish style, this gen is denominated as G3.5
G3.5 logo

This gen only went from 2009-2010. Later this year (2010), In october,they decided to go for a reboot featuring Lauren Faust.

This gen (2010-present)was featured in a show with 8 seasons to date, one movie, and a spin-off where ponies are humanoids.

That's all for now, thanks for reading!